About Us

We are passionate about innovation and making vibrant products that are exciting, trendy, creative, fun and up to date for your baby and toddler. We seriously do our best to provide entertaining and engaging products that complement your baby or toddler’s development and lifestyle as well as making parents lives simpler and easier. We love what we do and we do it with passion.

Our Mission:
Million Baby’s mission is to make affordable only the best quality educational travel and play toys for your baby. They are called toys because they are appealing, fun, entertaining and educational as they are enlightening and engage emotion as well as compliment your child’s development. Your child is enthusiastic and begins to learn effective constructive skills at an early age to quickly develop their basic skills, talents and abilities.

The Story:
While sitting in church one Sunday, Jared noticed the toddlers getting bored, irritable and obviously uninterested while distracting their parents. The desire to believe that things can be better for parent and child was a primary motivator for action. “What if I could keep them occupied, safely and comfortably seated with their books, toys and crayons within easy reach?” thought Jared. This was the beginning of an incredible adventure. The TODPOD was born – Your Toddler’s Best Friend. One simple bag to carry toys, coloring books, crayons, play dough etc, and VIOLA, believe it or not, the bag can quickly and easily be converted into a table and chair. Simple, convenient and easy to assemble.